Random Everyday

Happy Monday!

Today is going to be insanely busy for me. We’re in the midst of preparing for a trip to meet with some Eye Doctors to try to fix my husbands genetic eye disease. I haven’t mentioned that on here before and I’m not really sure if I’m ever going to talk about it more. It’s all very complicated and we’re in the middle of tests for a clinical trial so lots of things are still unknown. Anyways, maybe someday I’ll explain more about it but for now I wanted to share a favorite music video by The Piano Guys that I really, really like. Also make sure you go check out the other videos on their channel. The last few Christmases I’ve had their Christmas music on repeat. It’s all just lovely!

So, here it is- Enjoy!

Are any of you fans of The Piano Guys? What are your other favorite musicians?


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