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In the works – One Summer Green Housecoat….

Tracing a vintage forties pattern is fun, especially when the paper is in pristine shape.

Finished pictures coming soon!

2 thoughts on “In the works – One Summer Green Housecoat….

  1. Thanks for posting on my blog! I had never been to yours and am now enjoying it! I wanted to ask, do you use weights when cutting out all your patterns? I’ve never tried weights, but they seem faster to use than pins! I was wondering this the other day even before I saw your blog picture!

  2. Thanks! I’ve only used weights (or glasses.:-D) for cutting out patterns recently but I have found them to be faster and easier on the pattern paper. They can be a little clumsy to work around but that just means I’m using too big of weights.:-) Hope that helps!

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