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Vintage Nightgown

This is the nightgown I made to go with my housecoat. It is the same pattern my sister used for hers and she very kindly allowed me to use it as well. Thanks, sis! 🙂

I made it in 100% cotton I bought on clearance at Jo-Ann’s and cut it on the bias. It was a fairly easy pattern to make but I did have a little trouble with the gathers around the neckline but thanks to my sister, T.W, I got them figured out. They still aren’t perfect but hey, it’s only a nightgown! 🙂 I also added small cap sleeves but I haven’t decided if I like them or not. I may end up taking them off. Again, my sister is modeling so I could take pictures and it isn’t as short on me by far since there is a four inch difference in height between us. I should’ve taken pictures of the housecoat and nightgown together but the wind kept coming up and making it difficult to get good shots. Oh, well!


6 thoughts on “Vintage Nightgown

  1. Well, they were the only shoe that was neutral enough and vintage in style – it was that or silver heels!I fear I’m fresh out of slippers. Next time tell Little Green Eyes to make slippers too. 🙂

  2. That’s too pretty to be a nightgown! I mean, it should be a formal dress or something! What I mean to say is…you did an awesome job. 😀

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