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Update that I *should’ve* posted months ago!

   Hello! I know most of my readers have probably given up on ever seeing a post on here again but I promise I have many good excuses for why I haven’t done anything with this blog for a long time (one of them being no internet service ’till recently)… and one of them being I got married 10 months ago! 😀 Just a quick summary….my husband Jay, is wonderful and I love being married!!! Last year we started courting in July and married in November with the blessing of our parents and since then I’ve been incredibly busy setting up house and preparing for the birth of our baby boy that was born 2 1/2 weeks ago. Little Roy is absolutely adorable and I love, love being a mother! Being a wife and mother comes with many changes but the joys and blessings are so incredible that I sometimes wonder if I deserve it all. 🙂

   I’m hoping to start updating this blog again regularly and I’ve big plans for many sewing and craft projects in the near future so be patient with me as I adjust to blogging again and learning all over again the blogging world.

   So, if I still have any readers……here is my long overdue update and I hope to “talk” to ya’ll again soon! 😉


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