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Don’t Laugh…..

I know this is hardly the time to post pictures of Christmas presents but I was so proud of my attempt at wrapping “designer” packages this last Christmas that I just have to share the results with ya’ll. (I won’t mention that these took over 4 hours (way over) to wrap….:-o) Anyways…so without further eloquence……(I love saying that! :-D) here is a sample of the wrapped and be-ribboned packages.

And a picture of my little man thrown in….


One thought on “Don’t Laugh…..

  1. Hannah, nice work on the presents! I love the way you did the ribbons!! I know what you mean about spending a bunch of time to wrap really nice presents…For John's Christmas present, I wrapped it so that it looked like a shirt and tie…it took a good hour at least. 🙂

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