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Brain malfunctioning….

…or absent mindedness or whatever its called is funny but sometimes embarrassing. At least when there is someone else around to observe said malfunction.

Picture this, a drive up coffee house, namely Dutch Bros. where my husband and I frequent frequently (:-D), I’m on a coffee run for Jay and my brother since they are working and I’m running errands and so I’m getting them coffee since I’m such a nice wife and sister. 😀 Anyways, I pull into the drive-thru lane behind a little car to wait my turn and trying to be extra efficient I decide to double check my shopping list while waiting (The little car was taking a long time……). So, I’m carefully checking it and going over in my head what each item on the list is for when I look up and see the Barista’s both peeking out the window at me grinning and the little car is nowhere in sight! Yup, it was not only done but it wasn’t even in the parking lot anymore! *facepalm* How long I’d been studying my list I’m not entirely sure but it was long enough for the baristas to get a good laugh and me to feel silly. They said they were wondering when I was going to notice it was my turn……Oh well! At least there wasn’t anyone in line after me and I have to admit it was pretty funny, embarrassing but funny! 🙂

Today I did start to wonder though if whoever it is that says “for every child you have you lose 10% of your brain capacity” isn’t entirely off base when I tried to put the carton of 5 dozen eggs in the garbage can and the egg shells into the fridge. :-/

Well, life is never dull that’s for sure!



3 thoughts on “Brain malfunctioning….

  1. Haha! Aww. 🙂 But somewhere along the lines of having children, the domino effect of losing 10% with each child must decline…because I think Moms in their 50's can be pretty smart…So maybe as your children grow up, the percentages you lost start coming back…? 😉

  2. Well, I'm not entirely sure how credible the research was but I do know for sure that it doesn't apply to everyone….it just couldn't! 🙂 Besides, Mum had eleven children and she is not at all lacking in the brain capacity department. 🙂
    Interesting thought though…hmmm…as your children mature you gain back your wisdom? I'd go for that. 😀

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