Random Everyday

You’re a Mother when…..

1. You sweep the floor five times a day and it still somehow manages to look like it was never swept.

2. You sit on the couch for quiet time and have one (or two, or….?) children climb in your lap to snuggle.

3. You’re awakened in the morning by little voices yelling out, “Mommy! I want to get up, please!”

4. You watch more cartoons than any other movie and can recite the entire script of “Finding Nemo” by heart.

5. The bottom half of all your windows are smudged with little finger prints.

6. Every time you drive anywhere you hear little voices in the back seat chattering about anything and everything.

7. When you go on a walk you’re almost always pushing a double stroller.

8. You stub your toe on a different toy every day no matter how many times you pick toys up off the floor.

Happy Thursday everyone! 🙂


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