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I think my brain is fried! And an answer to prayer.

Whilst shopping a few weeks ago after a long and tiring day of running errands with kiddos, my husband and I made a quick stop to our local grocery store to pick up a few things. I was tired and I’ll admit it, a little cranky. The kiddos had been rather trying and I was hungry and… Continue reading I think my brain is fried! And an answer to prayer.

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Our (mostly) Toy-less household!

  Okay, I know there have been many posts written recently on the topic of living without toys. This post here on CleanHouseWithKids is the post in particular that inspired me to actually take the step of getting rid of almost all toys. I’d been thinking about it for months but Tricia’s blog post about her family’s own experience gave me the needed… Continue reading Our (mostly) Toy-less household!

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Our little girl

It’s our little girl, Meghan Wardle’s birthday today! I know it’s cliché but this little sweetheart has added so much to our family since the day she was born four years ago. It’s funny but I actually remember her birth like it was yesterday, partly because of how it all transpired and also because we were just… Continue reading Our little girl

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Autumn Afternoon Tea Party

My sister-in-law, Abigail and I put together an Autumn Afternoon Tea Party a couple weeks back. Planning it was so much fun and it was really fascinating to do all the research about tea parties and the proper etiquette when planning or hosting such an event. Did you know that calling a tea party, “High tea” is incorrect?… Continue reading Autumn Afternoon Tea Party