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Why I love my husband so much…..

Caution. Sappy post! 🙂

It was not long after we’d found out I was pregnant and the morning sickness was still really bad, Jay had gone to work that day really early and I was home in bed, feeling sick and rather miserable. When I talked to Jay on the phone he said he would try to get off work early and come home and fix me something that hopefully I would be able to eat, which even though it didn’t sound very good, I still was touched that he was willing to try since my eating habits had been so odd I’m sure he had wondered about my sanity a couple times. I mean, who eats microwave popcorn four to six times a day or pears for breakfast, brunch, lunch, tea time, dinner and bedtime snack? Or canned chili for endless meals? Apparently a pregnant lady with serious cravings does. 😉 Anyways, to get back to what this story is all about, my husband could tell when talking to me on the phone that I needed some cheering up, serious cheering up. So when he came home he had a surprise for me, a little jewelry box with a gold necklace with hearts and leaves in the delicate chain. Now, my husband is not a jewelry type of person so for him to go to the jewelry store and pick something out for me made his gift all the more precious and all the more thoughtful since he knew it was something I’d like and I enjoy wearing it even more because of it. So, dear readers that is only one of the many reasons I love my Man so much. His thoughtfulness is amazing and I still wonder what I did to deserve such a guy!


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