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For the cabin…

…curtains for the windows. I actually sewed these up before Roy was born and I’m only now getting around to posting pictures. For many months…lets just say a really long time, Jay had been asking me to get curtains for the windows in our little cabin because he didn’t want me being home alone and just anybody being able to walk up and look in the window. I kept trying and trying to get them cut out and sewn up but something always came up, I’d plan a day to work on them and I wouldn’t feel well or I needed to clean the very messy house (its amazing how dirty such a small place can get in such a little amount of time.) and curtains were down lower on the list than dishes and so on and so forth. Anyways…finally I just made time and after scrubbing the cabin floor I laid out the fabric and carefully measured out sections and they came out too short for the windows :-0….so, after debating it and trying many different things, I finally tried doing ruffles along the bottom and I think they turned out very nicely. No pattern was used, just lots of measuring and careful sewing! 🙂 (It took me over an hour which was a little depressing since curtains are such a simple thing one would think.;-)

Anyways…here are pictures:

With the curtains shut. Now I just need tiebacks which I have yet to make, they are going to be leather braids. 🙂
I love the view! After its snowed the mountains look especially beautiful!

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