Random Everyday



– When you’re stirring a pan of those little mini breakfast sausages and you stir so vigorously that two of them bounce out of the pan onto the floor! I didn’t toss them back into the pan and act like it hadn’t happened.
– When your husband is tossing a water balloon back and forth with another guy, taking a step back with each throw and your husband comments that his wedding ring is probably going to pop the balloon and you chime in with “Somebody should get Luke a ring!” and the young guy is single. It totally came out wrong, fairness in life is definitely overrated! 😉
– Trying to do exercises with two toddlers wrestling on the floor at your feet. I managed to not step on them but it made for some interesting jumps and steps that aren’t included in my workout video. 🙂
– Talking to two of my sisters, a coffee cup in one hand, cell phone in the other and when I take a sip of coffee I realize it needs to be heated up so I move to the microwave and promptly stick my phone inside! Fortunately I realized my mistake just after I’d closed the door so I hadn’t even turned the microwave on yet. Thank goodness! I do have to wonder though what would’ve happened….:-0
– Standing in a grocery store aisle and some random dude walks up and starts talking to me. And talking, and talking. All about how good this and that natural fruit juice is for you and I’m trying to be polite but I really need to finish shopping so I keep scooting a few steps away and he keeps following and pretty soon we’re at the end of the aisle. At that point I just politely thanked him for the info and walked away quickly!
– Going to the gas station in our Mustang, filling up the tank and then after climbing back in I reach for the car keys sitting on the passenger seat and somehow I hit the alarm button so the horn starts honking and the lights are all flashing. Embarrassing? Yes! But I also couldn’t help laughing because of the funny looks I got. :-/

Awesome –
– Driving our new Ford Expedition around town. That thing definitely has pep! And even though I miss my lifted Ford Truck its really nice to be able to leave the stroller or what not in the trunk and not have to worry it might be stolen while running errands.
– Finding a nearby source for raw goats milk that is super careful to keep a clean environment for their animals and really enjoys what they do! My two oldest kiddos love the milk and wouldn’t save any for me if I’m not careful.
– A friend figuring out why the AC hasn’t been working very well. It seems the filter not only needed to be changed but it was causing a really big buildup of ice on the pipes so air wasn’t circulating properly. Awkward though because we didn’t know AC units even had filters never having lived in a place with central air before. *facepalm*
– looking out the front windows and seeing deer grazing in the front yard almost every evening. So far we’ve seen deer (including a brand new fawn, pictured above), moose, turkeys, multiple chipmunks and raccoons (in the garage no less. Grrrrrrrr!). I still want to see a bear and cougar since other people have seen them on our property but I just don’t want to see them too closely! 🙂
– Floating down the river in an innertube thats made to be pulled behind a boat and not once falling in! I was wearing a life vest but since yours truly doesn’t know how to swim it was just a little scary! Made me really want to learn how though!
– Trying to pack for a family vacation! I’ve never packed for a five day trip for four people before. It’s challenging but fun and I’m really, really excited to take the kiddos to the area I grew up and visit with the family still living there.
And that’s all for now….credit for the Awe+Awk blog post idea goes to Olivia at Fresh Modesty. Definitely go check her blog out!


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