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Just a few pictures….

Note: I meant to publish this post but life happened and it never got put up. So, here is a blog post from LAST August. As in, 2014 August. Oh well! Better late than never, right? 😉

Anyways, here it is……

August 2014,

My sister got married on Sunday!!!! Ackkkk….MY SISTER GOT MARRIED ON SUNDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It still seems surreal but I know she is very much married and here’s a couple pictures to prove it! 😉

First we have a few of the Ringbearers during Rehearsal including my little man Roy, in the back. LK (a nephew) is the tallest and next is Eli (also a nephew) in his snazzy little “leather” jacket with his younger brother, Eddie (another nephew). Not entirely sure what was up with the crossed arms but it’s cute! 🙂


Unfortunately I don’t have any pictures of my little ones because I was holding Baby Will but I’m hoping to snag some from someone else that was there. Anyways…this is Eli and Eddie again with LK’s little sister, known as “Pokado” during the wedding processional. Aren’t those just the cutest little outfits?!?! The kids are pretty cute too of course! 😀


And finally, we have the Bride and Groom!!!! Two amazing people very much in love and it was incredible to be a part of their big day! Angela and Nate are both some of the nicest people and they are so well suited! And Angela made her dress and veil (I’ll have to get a full dress shot to share.) Isn’t it gorgeous though?!?!?! She is a very talented seamstress and looked beautiful in her wedding finery!


And the cake! This four tier cake was baked, stacked and decorated by three of my sisters. (Well, one sister and two sister-in-laws but they’re just like sisters really!) Angela found an inspiration picture and they went from there and I have to say that it looked so identical to the original picture that at first I thought they were the same cake! Three very, very talented ladies to be sure! Oh, and it tasted amazing too! 😉 Red velvet and chocolate with cream cheese.


I’ll be sure and post more pictures as I collect them from various sources….:-D


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