Random Everyday


Fall is officially here! The weather today was gorgeous even if it did only reach the all-high temp of 52F. Still, I took the littles for a walk downtown including a visit to the library and a little bakery that sells cupcakes. They were their usual little selves and behaved, well, like children. 🙂 I managed to snap a couple pictures before Miss Meg started complaining that she was cold so we headed back to the truck to warm up. Next up was a Costco run. Pumpkin pie, anyone? 😉

The three littles getting ready to head out. Don’t mind the mess in the background. As you can see we are obviously not completely unpacked and moving boxes still reside in our living room. #RealLife
Liam is such a little man! This was his pose when I told him to say “cheese” for the camera. Glasses were borrowed from his Older brother. 🙂
Out on our walk. I love Liam’s face here! Such a ham! Can you tell Megs is cold? Poor Girl!
Outside the local Library. A moose sculpture….hmmm!
Then they all wanted to climb on. 🙂
End of Costco shopping trip. Poor little man is tired! This is what he does when he is getting tired, grabs his blankie and sucks his thumb just. like. this. And his blankie has to be held in just this way. It’s pretty cute! 😉

After our Costco trip we met up with the Handsome (My husband, 🙂 ) and headed home. So ends another mostly normal day in our household. Coming soon are updates on the house remodel. I just have to decide and order the kitchen flooring. Yay! Wish me luck on picking one out. 🙂

Until next time!


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