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Happenings around here….

These last few months have been CRA-A-ZEE!!!

First we decided to buy a house before our lease on our current home was up. Six months before it was up to be exact. Turns out, six months isn’t really enough time to buy a house around here. It is definitely a sellers market right now and with our current list of must-haves, almost impossible to get a house in the area we want, the size we wanted AT the price we can afford. Our lease was up the end of July and we decided that even if we didn’t find a home to buy in time we could just get a Hotel room for a few weeks until we found something. So, after looking at many, many homes, (so many I lost count but I think it was around 20 or so) making an offer on two houses, both homes not working out and the end of July coming around, we went ahead and moved into our local Red Lion. It actually ended up being quite enjoyable. Breakfast at the Restaurant in the hotel was included so I got a nice break from cooking every morning. We moved all our stuff into a big storage unit and lived out of suitcases for two+ months. During that time we went on Vacation to the Beach and Jay was able to go on several fishing trips and caught some incredible salmon and tuna. Fresh caught wild fish is the best. No comparison to frozen or farmed. Anyways…

Our wonderful Realtor showed us a fixer upper that was about to go on the market but hadn’t yet been listed. It needed a lot of work. Emphasis on the A-LOT OF WORK part! We were up for it though since the actual house seemed sound and just needed a lot of cosmetic work with a little remodeling thrown in. I love looking at before and afters of house projects so I was thrilled!!! My husband being the incredible Man he is decided he was game if I was, so we made an offer. 2 days later the owners accepted and we got the ball rolling for inspections, loan paperwork and more other random, assorted paperwork. (Who knew buying a house was so MUCH paperwork?!?! 🙂 ) Anyways, to cut this already long story short, we are now the proud owners of our second house in six (almost) years of marriage and its been lots of work getting it all fixed up and feeling like home. I’ll be posting lots of before and after pictures soon. Right now the demo is going on in the basement to add more living space and I can’t wait to share what we’re doing down there! 🙂 It’s going to be awwww-some!!!! 🙂

Until next time!



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