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Five on Friday!

It’s Friday, y’all!!! I don’t think I’ve met anyone yet that doesn’t love Fridays but I’m sure they are out there. Anyways, I love Fridays. It signals the start of the weekend and means my husband is home for two whole days! Hooray! 🙂

Now for five favorites…

1. –  This weekend we should be able to put in the kitchen floor and I am so looking forward to it. Here is a sneak peek of the flooring we choose. I actually surprised myself by liking this so much but for the several important reasons of, 1. Its lighter and our kitchen is pretty small so a darker floor would only make it seem smaller and 2. It fits with the light, bright and airy look I’m going for, we decided to go with a lighter flooring instead of the really dark brown color we were originally planning on. Take a look and let me know what y’all think. Lighter floors, darker floors or somewhere in between?


2. – This hairstyle over at The Freckled Fox. Emily is the amazing lady over there and she has absolutely beautiful Red hair. Her blog is a lifestyle blog and she shares some incredible hairstyles, some complete with videos, as well as fashion posts and just general posts about her family. She and her husband, Martin, have 5 adorable little ones and reading Emily’s honest and down-to-earth posts about their life is really fun. Definitely head over there and check it out!

3. – This little girls bedroom makeover by Ashley over at Ashley Friend Photography. I love the room she created! Check out that adorable book holder that Ashley made out of a log planter. Genius! And those pillows! And that polka dot wall! Love it! Ashley is a wedding and family photographer and she and her husband, Josh, live in West Virginia with their two little girls, Bella and Colette. (I LOVE their names! So sweet!) Anyways. Go take a look and leave a comment if you love it! 🙂 While you’re there check out their kitchen makeover and her photographer skills. She’s legit, folks. 😉

4. – Okay. So, I’m Irish y’all. Complete with green eyes and hair with red highlights and I love learning all I can about, Belfast, Northern Ireland where my father was born. Anyways, I saw this print at Dear Lillie Shop and I love, love, love it! There is nothing quite like an Irish Blessing and when I’m ready to hang artwork on our walls I’m going to be snapping a print up for myself. I also love this one. It’s big but I love that it’s definitely Irish without all the green and orange that a lot of “Irish” décor usually has. Also check out the Dear Lillie Blog. Jennifer’s home is beautiful and I love her style. I’ve actually used a lot of the same Benjamin Moore paint colors she used in her home in our own makeover because I love the look so much. Go check out her kitchen too! 🙂

5. – So, for #5 I’m sharing this picture I took of my three littles while out raking our yard a couple weeks back. I took it with my new Canon70D camera I got for Christmas from my Husband (He’s amazing! And not just ’cause he gives me way too expensive gifts. 😉 ) Anyways, I am by no means proficient with it yet but I already am amazed at the difference it has made in my picture taking skills. Seriously amazing. 🙂 This is an unedited, unretouched photo and I love it.

So, here is Three of my greatest accomplishments! 🙂


I hope you’ve enjoyed this weeks Five on Friday! I’ve never done this before and I must admit it’s lots of fun and could be addicting. Hopefully I’ll be organized enough to do it again next week. 😉

So, anyone else get a new camera recently? Or have a 5 on Friday post to share?

~Hannah 🙂



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