Random Everyday

In the sewing room…


The day before Christmas, yep, Christmas Eve, I finally got to work on a nightgown for my little Pearl. To say I was cutting it close is an understatement. 😉

I used a vintage pattern and everything went swimmingly well until I got to the part where I’m supposed to attach the collar. For whatever reason, I could not get the collar to come out like it should. Yes, I followed the directions carefully, read them once, thought I’d figured it out and then had to take the seam out and try again. And again. And again. Finally at 2am, Christmas day by now, I decided I should call it quits and try again another day.

So, little Pearl did not get her nightgown for Christmas and I’m still stuck on that dratted collar. Ah well! My plan at this point is to enlist the help of my most talented seamstress of  a sister. (Yep, looking at you, sis! 😉 )

I’ll have to update y’all after I (We? 😉 ) get it figured out. 🙂





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