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Mini update….

Sorry I’ve been absent so long but life has thrown us a curveball lately. My husband and I came down with some kind of cold/flu the end of November right after Thanksgiving. It’s been an up and down rollercoaster ride of starting to feel better, getting sick again, feeling better, another relapse and so on. At this point I am so sick of being sick! Why can’t we just get well already?!?! Anyways, I think its actually our fault really. We start to feel better so we get back to working on the house and doing things including lots of really late nights, not getting enough rest and so on. Anyways, Jay and I are finally starting to feel better but now all the kiddos have come down with colds. Whatever. I give up. *throws hands in the air*

Okay. Okay. I’m kidding but you have to admit it does take a toll on one. I just figure that God is trying to tell us to slow down and get more rest. Point taken. 🙂

So, all that to say that we’re feeling better and I have some really fun posts planned for the coming months. 🙂

Oh, and our kitchen floor that we ordered a couple months ago is now ready to pick up and we can put that in. I’m so excited! 🙂

I’ll be back soon with an update on the house, a few projects I’m working on…..:-) Can’t wait to share it with y’all!

Until then…



P.S. I have been keeping up with posting on Instagram so you can find me over there!



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