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A little Christmas Home Tour

We kept Christmas Decorations really simple this year. With so much going on with the house renovation it was pretty amazing that we got anything up at all! Anyways, hope you enjoy this small glimpse of this years Christmas décor.

I’ve wanted to make a fresh Christmas wreath for years now because I couldn’t justify buying a $30 (or more) wreath from somewhere that I was just going to be throwing out in a few weeks. So, this is my first attempt and I learned a lot about how you should and shouldn’t make a wreath. All the branches were trimmings from when we bought our Christmas tree and I shopped the JoAnn’s sales to pick up the berries and pinecones. I already had the burlap ribbon I used for the bow. The lights are battery powered LED’s that I picked up for a few bucks from Walmart. I didn’t mind spending some money on this since everything I bought is reusable for next year, and the year after that…and so on. It was still way, way cheaper than $30 bucks so I’m happy. 🙂
This is a branch I picked up from our yard. I love the simplicity of it so all I did was add some ornaments. It’s kind of hard to see them but there are clear glass ornaments on it as well as the silver ones. They just disappeared in the pictures unfortunately.
The Christmas Tree! Yay, I think the tree is my favorite Christmas décor after the Nativity. This year we went with a white and silver theme and I love how white Christmasy and simple it looks. Don’t mind the lightcord or the blue painters tape in the background. 😉
The Nativity – I picked this up off a Facebook selling site and I really like how neutral it is. I’ve been working on hanging our Christmas cards up and I’ve decided this is my favorite option. For now at least. 😉 And those Beeswax tapers….I love them.



Close up of the Christmas tree. The lighting was awesome for this picture.
And a shot of the swag I made for the window. Oh, and the new curtains we just hung. #TJMaxxfind
Now. This is something my husband and some of our friends put together. Yep. We decorated the 50ft Pine tree in our backyard. 🙂 It. Looks. Awesome. He built the star that he carefully anchored to the top so as not to damage the tree and used a manlift that our amazing local CAT Rental Dealer leant to us for free! I love it and was super excited that we were able to do it. Thanks again to all the friends that came over to help put it up! 🙂

I hope you enjoyed this little tour! I realize our décor is simple but I feel it clearly represents us and our style.

Until next time.

Merry Christmas!


“For unto you is born this day in the city of David a Saviour, which is Christ the Lord.” Luke 2:11


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